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to the pentagon in arlington, virginia, yesterday. the vehicle was found around 6:00 a.m. this morning on washington boulevard which has been shut down. >>> and a fight broke out this morning outside the casey anthony trial in orlando, florida. punches were thrown as some people tried to cut in the line for the highly coveted tickets to watch the trial in the courtroom. police questioned two men, but no arrests were made. there have been crowd stampedes for the court seats in other days because only 50 spots are open to the public. >>> this morning saudi arabia, activists say women are driving as part of an uprising for their might and a direct challenge to the country's religious leaders. cbs news correspondent charlie d'agata is in london with more. >> there's no written law forbidding women from driving in saudi arabia. instead a religious order, that was enough to put one woman in jail and now others are taking that risk to press for their rights. >> it's an act of defiance that would have been unthinkable even a few months ago. shortly after midnight the first video appeared onlin
about why three of these uniforms while doubt in -- on an arlington street. >> there were three work shirts. >> 3 uniforms for redgan national airport. >> the purpose of the uniforms is to maintain security and identified the people who are supposed to be here. >> the authority issues uniforms to each worker. the employees must turn of the uniforms and it should they stop working here. >> they need to keep better records. >> no one would talk with us directly but issued a statement instead. we will investigate how these uniforms and up in this location. a uniform alone does not grant a person access to any secure areas of the airport including aircraft. we spoke with a former employee says just the uniform is not enough to gain access to secure areas. >> they have to have that bad. the uniforms are useless. >> some passengers still believe the airport authority has to do a better job of tracking uniforms worn by employees assigned to sensitive areas. >> if these are in the hands of people who can do something else with them, there is something going on that is wrong. >> arlington po
. back to you. >> thank you. >>> following a developing story this morning from arlington. a driver is in custody after a suspicious package was found inside a car. state police in virginia tell us the crosstalk on the ramp from 395 south to washington boulevard at 8:30 last night. the trooper found the package and a gun. the bomb squad disrupted if the package. it did not contain explosives. the driver is expected to face charges. >>> two man under arrest for murder that shocked arlington neighborhood. >> police and not said what led to the crime carl diener was found dead along the 3200 block of north 13th street just days after christmas in 2009. courtney robinson is at arlington police headquarters with more on how investigators closed the book on a potential cold case. >> good morning. this special community when they heard about his death -- this shoockk the community. last night in a community meaning they reiterated the fact that this was a random attack. this morning two men are behind bars, are listed in connection with the stabbing deaths of carl diener 18 months ago. >>
. arlington police have had things closed for the majority of the morning. i just got off the phone with them and no end in sight. washington boulevard is closed between 395 and 110. 100 tennis clothes, arlington his clothes. cannot exit from either of 3952 washington boulevard for its 66 is open but to 110 is blocked. leaving the belt way i northbound 395 in the main and hov laid. complicated. the pentagon is not going to work. unfortunate this morning. we have some pettifog that is quickly burning off. nothing severe in storms expected but some and bedded down for is likely later today. in the 60's right now, on our to the 80's. over the weekend, a good beach for a fewt watch out storms near 90. >>> can always find the latest traffic and weather information our website, we will be back with another update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8. ♪ it was an itsy bitsy teeny-weeny ♪ >> look at these pictures. in two pieces. i confess, i think they look great. my girls wore the same things but a lot of parents are outraged over all that skin showing. lin
understand, kind of a wooded area there. now, the arlington bomb squad was called out, out on the scene. still been here an hour and a half. police telling us the investigation is connected to another arlington police investigation. just to say one more time, 110 is closed, the 66 ramps to 110 and the pentagon closed. that section of washington boulevard between 395 and 110. unclear how long this will last this morning. we are over here with arlington police. they are giving us any updates as they get them. of course we'll pass them along as soon as we get them. if you are heading out here to the area, but have not left the house, best thing to do would be to take metro. we are understanding from metro now that this is not affecting any stops near the pentagon. >> of course, the stop in the pentagon, so take metro if you're going to the pentagon. i wanted to ask you, the camera zoomed into a group of vehicles there what looked like they were on the grass. can you see the particular vehicle in question in that group of vehicles when the camera zooms in tight? >> reporter: good question.
of murray. >>> arlington transit bus drivers are striking for a second day and they will be back on the picket line tomorrow. this means major delays for rides and it could be days or even weeks before service is back to normal. >> i just couldn't take it anymore. >> william is one of the two dozen bus drivers on strike. they're protesting their employer, the contractor that runs the arlington transit bus service. >> unfair labor practices. woman have been sexually harassed over there by operation manager. >> poor scheduling. >> poor scheduling. they want us to -- >> that's right. these bus drivers who have since been suspended without pay say their supervisors refuse to give them bathroom breaks, but the accusation is crazy. they often choose not to use them. >> in high school you have to go to the bathroom between class. you're expected to. in the bus business, you're expected to go to the bathroom during the breaks. >> as for the claims of sexual harassment against female bros drivers, he says it is still under investigation. >> they keep bringing up that term, but th
're hoping to hear from the bosses at arlington national cemetery. >> there is a new report out today that the justice department is now investigating the mishandling of veterans body. >> lindsey mastis is live at arlington with more on this now-criminal investigation. lindsey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. according to "the washington post," the investigation has been going on for at least six months and they're focusing in on falsification of records and contract fraud. there have been remains found in the wrong graves. in october, they found a mass grave of cremated remains and an investigation revealed that at least one burial urn was dumped in a landfill. this latest investigation is focusing in on the cemetery's attempt to digitize its records years ago. an army inspector general's report indicates $8 million was wasted by the cemetery officials that improperly paid contractors but never did completely digitize those records. >> there's simply no excuse and on behalf of the united states army, on behalf of myself, i deeply apologize to the families of the honor
with a developing story from arlington. a driver is in custody after police found a suspicious package in a car. virginia state police say the car was stopped on the ramp from 395 southbound to washington boulevard around 8:30 last night. a trooper found a package and a gun. the bomb squad removed the package, but it did not contain explosives. the driver is expected to face charges. >>> two man under arrest in connection with a murder that shocked and arlington neighborhood. >> police and not said what led to the crime. carl diener was found dead in the 3200 block of north 13th street just days after christmas in 2009. courtney robinson is at arlington police headquarters with more on how police cracked the case. >> police are remaining tight- lipped about all this, only pointing to evidence in the community meeting last night where so many residents and friends were asking why this happened, all they said was this was a random attack. this morning two men are behind bars, are listed in connection with the stabbing deaths of carl diener 18 months ago. >> i am sure a lot of people will be happy
story from arlington. a driver is in police custody after police found a suspicious package inside a car. the virginia state trooper who stopped the vehicle on the ramp from 395 south to washington boulevard at 8:30 last night saw the package and the gun. the bomb squad was called. it did not contain explosives, but charges are still pending. >>> two men are in custody in a year-and-a-half-old murder case. >> in 2009 carl diener was stabbed to death as he walked to work in arlington city. police have arrested 20-year-old roger clark and another man from d.c. the murder was a random crime. >>> authorities are trying to find out how three security uniforms for reagan national airport turned up in some bushes in arlington. they were found sunday night outside a bar. the airports authority is worried about a potential security risk, but it says that a uniform alone does not grant a person access to secure areas of the airport. >>> 7 republican hopefuls gathered on stage for their first presidential debate in new hampshire. >> president obama was hundreds of miles away but his record was fron
remains and records, the department of justice is taking action against arlington national cemetery. courtney robinson is at the cemetery. >> for the last six months, the fbi and the army criminal investigation command has been investigating arlington national cemetery. this morning we know that a grand jury has subpoenaed witnesses and records, according to what sources told "the washington post". a year ago the army inspector general completed an investigation revealing hundreds of graves on accounted for. that same investigation uncovered more than 100 graves that said they were occupied but were empty. it showed mismanagement by the cemetery officials the superintendent and deputy superintendent. they left the cemetery. for decades the cemetery has used paper records instead of a computer system. "the washington post" reports that officials believe that $8 million was wasted on contracts to move to a computer system. the grand jury is looking into who knew about the issues and if there was falsification of records. congress mandated that cemetery workers account for the the 330,
of missing records, the justice department taking action against arlington national cemetery. courtney robinson is live at the cemetery with details. >> the fibbi and the army's criminal investigation command had been investigating armand jean national cemetery for six months. this morning according to "the washington post", we understand that a grand jury has subpoenaed both witnesses and records from arlington national cemetery looking into food to about burial issues and if there was any contract fraud or falsification of records. a year ago the army inspector general did finished an investigation that revealed hundreds of graves of accounted for, that included 100 graves said to be occupied that were then found empty. that same investigation revealed mismanagement by the cemetery higher ups. the cemetery superintendent and deputy superintendent left the cemetery. the cemetery uses paper records. any attempt to go to computer records, there were contracts that were out to the tune of $8 million. that is being investigated as well. we know that congress and -- has asked that cemetery
. police activity on washington boulevard according to arlington police. 395 is open. we will get more details and come back in less than 10 minutes. >> thank you. a dark and stormy night drop the d.c. region with heavy storms and lightning moved to the area. a chance of more severe weather later today. >> storms are planned for a number of power outages throughout the area. authorities are saying a lightning strike may have caused a fire that heavily damaged this clinton home. no reports of injuries, but heavy rain and caused flooding in fairfax county. authorities closed prosperity avenue after a car became stuck in the water there. >>> for the latest on the weather alerts any time, log onto >> looking at the day had last night's storms will not stop play for resuming at the u.s. open at congressional country club in bethesda. rory mcilroy is curly the leader. we'll have much more honest in his first-round play coming up alive through -- much more in yesterday's first round play coming up. preliminary hearing on felony sex charges. he is charged with enticing a minor for se
>>> hello, i'm j. c. heyward, the incident shutdown traffic in arlington for hours. bomb experts and federal agents were investigating. our surea chinn kicks off the team coverage. >> j. c., traffic is back to normal because the roads are now back open. the fbi continuing their investigation near the pentagon. lots of launch surrounded the area and shut down the roads. traffic backed upped because no one could get anywhere near the pentagon. here's a timeline of what happened today. at 1:30 this morning, fort meyer police noticed the man roaming around the cemetery when it's usually closed. the man in his 20s was not cooperating with police or answering questions why he was there. what he was doing. at 5:30 this morning, arlington county police found a 2011 red nissan near the pentagon and shutdown the roads. flush hush at 8:00 a.m., arlington county fire ems and bomb squad unit apparently used water cannons and deemed the car safe. at 8:30 inspect morning, they have someone in custody and confirmed that at 9:30. a second press conference alerting us that the fbi is now handling
happened. >>> this is 9news now. >>> but first we have late breaking news out of arlington tonight where police have shut down some of the roads because there was a suspicious car right near the pentagon. >> malted is live at the scene -- matt is live at the scene. >> reporter: it is still very much going on at this hour. virginia state police tell us they are currently looking at a suspicious package discovered inside a car stopped on the ramp from i395 south to route 27 in arlington county right near the pentagon. the investigation was the result of a traffic stop according to virginia state police made by a trooper, as i said, right around 8:30 tonight. we are also told that a bomb sniffing dog got a positive hit. in other words, the dog detected some type of suspicious material inside the car and we are told that a robot is now approaching the vehicle to see exactly what is inside the car and to determine if anything needs to be dismantled. a note to drivers, this entire area near the pentagon most exits to the pentagon have been shut down. don't think about going here if you don't h
is there underway. we have a lot of police presence. heavy police presence around the pentagon and around arlington national cemetery. we're looking at 395. the ramps to washington billion boulevard are blocked. we have heavy and slow traffic with everybody trying to get past this. we had earlier incidents. an accident near seminary road. that's cleared out. because of that, we have delays from the beltway up towards washington boulevard. the ramps to get on to 395 also shut down. you want to watch for police activity there. west to a-- best to avoid the area if you can. taking a look at the roads in maryland, we were dealing with some delays on the outer loop of the beltway. it looks like things are starting to improve. it's approaching college park. we saw the cars stacked up there. hopefully things are getting better. we had a wreck near university boulevard leading to all of the delays. 66 to 70 running incident free now. no problems on 95. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> a consumer alert for you. chrysler recalling more than 11,000 cars and mini vans because the steering coul
at the bw parkway. that's coming up at 5:09. back to you. >>> problems at arlington national cemetery continue to be uncovered. in a "washington post" article, it is revealed a federal grand jury is meeting in alexandria. >> now, this stems from those revelations of poor management, disorganization by the people leading the cemetery. lindsey mastis joins us live from arlington national cemetery with the latest on this investigation. lindsey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. this investigation has been going on for about six months. that's according to "the washington post." they're focusing in on contracting fraud and falsification of records. there have been numerous remains found in the wrong graves. in october, they found mass graves -- a mass grave of cremated remains and an investigation revealed that at least one burial urn was dumped in a landfill. this latest investigation is focusing in on the cemetery's attempt to digitize its records years ago. an army inspector general's report indicates that $8 million was wasted by cemetery officials that improperly paid co
at arlington national cemetary and you assume he or she will have their own grave site. well we recently told you about eight sets of cremated remains recently found together in one grave. now investigators determined that's not a crime. it may be just one of the first big surprises to come out of an ever widening investigation into missmanagement at arlington. >> although we are very upset and concerned about the discovery in one grave, our discussion with an assistant u.s. attorney determined that the burial of multiple cremated remains in one grave site does not constitute a criminal violation. >> as for possible crimes, investigators are looking into what happened to 8 million federal dollars earmarked for computer automation. were grave sites being reserved and paid for and on top of that was there a cover up at arlington. >>> president obama says it is time to make the deal. cut the federal red ink and raise that debt ceiling and if it doesn't happen on time, america blame the republicans for the consequences. that was the message out of this mornings white house news conference where p
. >> reporter: good morning. army investigators had found that hundreds of graves here at arlington national cemetery did not match the cemetery's records and some officials have testified in the past that thousands of grave sites could have problems after they were r ago. now, the "washington post" is reporting that the justice department is conducting its own criminal probe. more than 330,000 mull triveterans and their families are buried at arlington. the cemetery has been plagued with problems including mismarked graves and unidentified remains dumped in a landfill. the post reports that the fbi and army criminal investigation are conducting the investigation which has been going on now for six months and that an alexandria grand jury has subpoenaed witnesses and records. the criminal probe is looking into who knew about the problems at articling nonnational cemetery and whether any records were falsified to cover it up. and a report by the army inspector general last year found that 200 grave sites that did not match records and mismanagement at the cemetery, it had been using a paper r
. it's near 70 and raining there as well as much of montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. a little bit of break in the rain in loudoun county, washington, fauquier. farther to the east-southeast is what's coming down a little harder, northern neck, southern maryland, and eastern shore. we are near 70 throughout most of the region. and upper 60s to mid-60s in the shenandoah valley and the mountains. drippy sky over washington. that rain continuing to fall with a little light fog. it will be here off and on through noontime. this afternoon sun breaks out. high near 80. overnight tonight, i'll show you that, the "night planner" at 6:11. danella sealock, how's traffic? >>> congestion is building. i want to start off with rails. rails looking good. metro, marc, and vre all running on time or close to schedule. that's good. we are having problems in virginia. check out this 66 east. your delays start from 234, 66 east as you travel up past 7100 and make your way up to route 23. again, the roads are wet. allow extra time as you're traveling this morning. a live look r
. >>> also ahead, mismarked and missing remains, just the start of the scandal shaking arlington cemetery. the fbi has been called in to find out who is to blame. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. >>> take a look outside. it is a great start to this wednesday. should be a nice day all the way around for once. good morning. thank you for waking up to fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker barnes right now. he has the latest. >> for once? >> without the humidity, without the -- >> we've had at least three days this month that have been nice. >> three and we're how far now into june? >> so once every week and a half or so, we get a nice day. >> last weekend was beautiful though, right? >> more of the same, just like saturday and sunday with temperatures still in the 80s. you take out the humidity and you have a nice breeze out of the north and it will feel great. >> it will be great to get outside in this. >> exactly. still got the cloud cover and still got the humidity. you mentioned that about an hour ago. that is hanging tough but
against one of the nation's most revered burial grounds. why the fbi is investigating arlington national cemetery. it is wednesday june 29. i am cynee simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. we will check in with lisa baden in a moment. but we start with adamn. another hot one. >> the humdiitymidity will be -- [no audio] norhtwest of town, west of the blue ridge, that is where we have some of the lower dewpoint and temperatures. that will travel south east. our satellite radar. we have areas of clouds overhead. they will continue to clear out. high temperature today? 86 degrees. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, low humidity. mid 80's again. >> we are cranking things up as far as the morning rush hour. we do not have any accidents to moved out of the way. overnight construction will be completely clear. we are looking at the smooth transition. anyone who wants to take the beltway across the american legion bridge will have normal travel tides ames along 95. 66 the greenway, the toll road. >>> a fairfax county police officer of fatally shot an unarmed man was fired. >> police pulled him over thinking h
the situation was isolated. >>> in virginia a new ship to be named uss arlington. it will be commissioned in norfolk. it will be stationed outside virginia it. it was named in honor of the heroes and victims of the 9/11 attack and will be commissioned early next year. >>> new at 6:00 helping a hero in need. we will see the extreme makeover on the home of a local vet that will make for an easier life. >>> and doug will tell us about the changes ahead. >>> and i am tim brant at congressional country club. you know tiger woods is not here this week, and wait until you here who was not here today. i will tell you all about it. >>> we continue our story of support and love for a hero from our area. >> everything he needs to live the best life he can. we have the story. >> a combat medic spent 11 years in the army caring for others. then in 2002 while in afghanistan, he was the one critically wounded. >> in the fall, in the blast. i injured my skull and i had some gunshot wounds. >> he is now confined to a wheelchair. living alone, it is nearly impossible to get around this town house without f
. >>> the catholic diocese of arlington taking arlington county to court. the diocese filed a lawsuit over the athletic field at bishop o'connell high school. next.  today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011. >> the news channel 36 edge in virginia where a high school custodian is accused of stealing from friends and teachers. they believe he stole from backpacks, cars, and teacher's classrooms and she's charged with five counts of grand larceny. now efforts for sporty events. the catholic diocese announced that it's suing arlington county. in march, the county bord of supervisors denied a proposal to add lights to the field of bishop o'connell high in arlington. the board members point out the foot
an overnight trespasser at arlington national cemetery early this morning and that triggered security alerts at the pentagon and the iwo jima memorial. it lead to closures on major roads in the area. we have live tv coverage. we want to start with jummy olabanji live at the pentagon for the latest. >>> it was a very tense morning for several agencies including arlington police, the park police, and the fbi. police are telling us that the car they were investigating had no explosives inside and amend the have in custody likely acted alone. this nissan and the man police believe on said are the center of the pentagon security scare. police say around 1:00 this morning, a man tried to run from fort myers police who found him after hours in arlington national cemetery. police say surely after detaining the man their lead to this car that was parked on the side of the road near a wooded area between the pentagon and arlington cemetery. police believe something suspicious could have been in the car. >> he had some products with sam that were concerned. we thought we could close these roadways down
i have to catch the train. >> reporter: arlington transit's website blamed the delays on circumstances beyond our control. >> there are a number of personnel issues that they've raised that they would like to have resolved with a contractor. we are encouraging they and the union to take the grievances through all of the appropriate legal channels. that's what we can do. we ourself cannot engage. >> reporter: for that reason, county officials say they don't know when the bus service will return to normal. >>> this is bruce johnson in downtown washington. the d.c. council already under the gun because of a number of scandals touching the members are under pressure to come up with an ethics bill. >> outside activity rules have not been changed since 1985. >> reporter: d.c. council chairman was front and center as they began hearings into a new ethics bill today. at the same time, brown was learning that he has to come up with 174,000 dollars. that's the amount the office of campaign finance now says it's disallowing from its 2008 re- election campaign. conspicuously absen
of the morning after police found a man lurking in the bushes of arlington national cemetery in the middle of the night. tonight 22-year-old yonathan melaku is in custody and sources tell 9news now the naturalized u.s. citizen from ethiopia had a backpack with him and contained 9-millimeter shell casings and ramblings about al-qaida and taliban. he had ammonium nitrate. we have more now on the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox where fbi investigators along with fairfax county police have been searching yonathan melaku's house for most of the day. >> i can't believe it. it is mind boggling. >> reporter: police closed off the road surrounding yonathan melaku's house on the corner of sage drive. >> totally blocked off. can't eastbound get in there. >> reporter: very few neighbors know him. the next door neighbor says the 22 year old lives with his parents and has a younger sister in college. neighbors say the family is very private and that the father is a cab driver. that's his white taxi parked in the garage. some neighbors say yonathan melaku sometimes drives the cab as wel
morning long. a man discovered in arlington cemetery this morning carrying suspicious items inside a backpack. the man's activity was enough to spark a huge response from federal and local law enforcement agencies. >> police also found his car near the pentagon, prompting several roadways to be shut down, major traffic headaches for this morning's rush hour. >> news 4 was first, live on the scene there, and melissa mollet has been at the scene all morning, covering this for us. she joins us now with the latest. melissa? >> reporter: good morning. at this point, investigators say the suspect is in his 20s, and they do believe that he acted alone. now, we have brand-new video to show you this afternoon. if we can roll that right now, his vehicle was towed out of here, just a short time ago, about 15 minutes ago. a red 2011 nissan. that vehicle, of course, the one that was parked along washington boulevard in the north lot of the pentagon, for much of the morning, causing all those traffic snarls. now, let me take you through a timeline of what happened here this morning. this all sta
, president obama about a local navy seal next to his best friend in the arlington national cemetery.- some people want to pay tribute by naming a road after him. connectorow federal is 1 mile of a stretch two main roads. >> everyone complains about the the road. they hope that that will after the road is renamed seal from the area killed in combat last september. they said they wanted to do to give back after his death in the local paper. >> he gave his life for his country. >> he does not want just any one. -- any road. he take this one because it runs to three schools. thought that it would be a education for the students here. >> the family says they are touched that a complete stranger their brother in way. they hope it will inspire students to learn more about brandon and the sacrifices that made for his country. >> i think they will be amazed the kind of person that he was. smith says that he wants to more than dedicate the road. it will be the address of schools on a map. >> he will be writing a letter for county approval next week. at the shape of healthy eating is changing. govern
. the state of arlington county, -- zimmermann will take questions from the audience. we will see this at 7:30. >> we have a major trip by michelle obama. university is going back to single sex housing. >> the idea of showers and storms on the way for the overnight and early morning hours. humidity is going to [ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good it ao o tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. >> taking a look at the week ahead, bernanke will host a news conference for the federal open market committee. he is the first sitting federal reserve chairman to have press conferences regularly scheduled. jon huntsman will announce his bid to run for president. the republican will follow his announcement to run -- with a visit to a politically important state. michelle obama will go on a five day could well turn -- good will toward to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the country and the
a 16-year-old girl from arlington told police that she had been forced to be with as many as three men and one day. she met him on line and believe him to be a police officer because of his security uniform badge, gun and taser. we knocked on his door and a woman who said she was his wife answered. >> was he doing what they have said? >> i do not know. >> a neighbor told us she was stunned. >> we have a young daughter and this guy is a creditor. it is terrible. -- a project work. it is terrible. -- predator. it is terrible. >>> some virginia residents are cleaning up after yesterday's storm. it knocked over trees and knocked out power to hundreds of people. only about 300 are still without power in northern virginia. today was a picture-perfect day around the metro area. what a day. >> spectacular weather out there. mild temperatures, below average temperatures and low humidity. a couple more days of this, i think. a few boats coming in with beautiful weather and high, thin clouds. temperatures right now, the average high is 84. 79 in downtown washington right now. when you get this c
into the arlington county detention center and is being held with a man police say is his co-conspirator in this murder. carl diener was likely jump in a surprise attack in december 2009. it 57-years old, he was in great physical shape but not his friends understand that he was no match for two men and a knife. >> i am not surprised was at least two people. >> roger clark and javon martin are in custody. arlington county had gotten orders to seize the evidence to compare with what was found on the crime scene. there is no indication that the new diener or targeted him. it appeared to be gang-related or a hate crime. >> this was a senseless crime. i am glad they caught them and they should be punished. >> even after the arrest, but those who live in this village the work goes on. there could be more charges in this case and neighbors said carl diener's legacy will be a heightened awareness that crime can happen to anyone without rhyme or reason. >> this is a safe area, but at the same time there will be violence. >> both men are here in arlington va., and are expected to go co
today. he has yet to be charged. u.s. park police did detain him for trespassing if at arlington national cemetery. the 22-year-old caused more than a scare early friday morning. an armed police officers confronted him at arlington national cemetery at 2:00 a.m. and he fled. when the economy they made a discovery. inside a backpack the officers found four zip-lock bag is full of ammunition and a notebook containing the words "taliban rules" and "moved and aujahadin." they have launched an investigation into his life. he's an ethiopian-american marine reserves. peoplhe has received commendations in the military. he is based out of baltimore. investigators believe the act alone -- believe that he acted alone. >>> 5:03. the woman charged with murdering her granddaughter at tysons corner center will be back in court today. carmela dela rosa through the two-year-old child from the fifth floor pedestrian walkway last november. the little girl died nine hours later. >>> maryland congressman elijah cummings plans to visit old dominion university today. he wants to speak with school offic
county. it's only in the 50s. arlington county in the upper 50s, near 60 in washington. montgomery county, low 50s in the northern part of the county. loudoun, frederick county, virginia, 40s to 50 degrees. panhandle of west virginia, low and mid-50s. southern maryland near the bay, weather watchers reporting temperatures there in the mid-50s away from the waters. right on the waters, it's in the low 60s. on the eastern shore, they're starting off cool as well in the mid and upper 50s. out of the mountains of west virginia, most locations this morning only in the chilly 40s. you need a spring jacket heading off to work and school this morning. there's capitol hill lit up by the morning sun. we'll have our temperatures by 9:00 in the upper 60s. by noontime, we should be in the mid to upper 70s. we'll have just a few wispy high clouds around this morning. during the afternoon, bright sun and a blue sky. highs reaching around 80 degrees. low humidity in place. just a little bit of a breeze coming in out of the north and west. a delightful day coming up. a look at your night planner. that wil
. the plan is to build eight to ten next year. >>> a series of grave site mixups has arlington cemetery to make changes to win back your trust. we're live on our next segment talking about what's different now. with the belmont stakes now over, many of the big names in horse racing will go o the stables. what happens when the racing days are over? the charity stepping in to help out as we continue on the 10. you're watching fox news and we'll be right back. , >>> arlington national cemetery has been plagued with problems over the last few years. a series of grave mixups helped the reputation. the changes are being made. jennifer lynch with the arlington national cemetery public affairs office is my guest tonight. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me, will. >> one year after the critical army inspector general's report found more than 200 discrepancies, there are a lot of changes. why don't you start with management changes. >> well, the new management came on board june 10, 2010, and the secretary of the army created an executive director's position and put miskath
in arlington is due in court today. yonathan melaku is linked to related break-ins. there is forensic evidence linking him to shootings last fall at military installations around the area. >>> president obama gets ready to head to fort drum in new york hours after he announced his plans to begin pulling american troops out of afghanistan. we'll have more on all of the stories in the next five minutes. >>> but first, metrobus riders should be prepared for a rough morning. >> riders could get caught in the middle of a dispute between bus drivers and metro. it involves safety and security. >> surae chinn is following this commuter alert. she's in northwest washington. so, what's the latest on the bus service, surae? wow. >> well, there are some delays. in fact, the driver who is leaving right now, she's 25 minutes late to her route. so, she's heading out there right now. she had to go through her inspection and that just took a lot longer. it is required but they're going through it much more thoroughly. you see a lot of the buses have actually left. they're still going through this checkpoint sy
at arlington national cemetery. in all of us as americans were shocked to hear about the mismanagement and ineptitude that was taking place at the cemetery. on top of what had already been reported earlier this year, there were media reports that there had been a practice going on at arlington cemetery where the last two superintendents' had been, in effect, reserving grave sites for their friends. army procedure since 1962 had been that when somebody had fallen, they would go to an appropriate procedure, and they get the next lot. unfortunately what was taking place was the superintendents were having a secret reservation list. a general may say he wanted a spot underneath a tree and, because there were no recording techniques, the spot would be reserved. astonishingly, the inspector general came up with a report in the early '90s that said this practice was ongoing, yet nothing was done about it. in late march i filed legislation in the senate to once and for all and the improper system of preserving great sites. the legislation passed three weeks ago overwhelmingly. obviously this i
office? >>> policeman find out who burn more than two dozen blacks in this arlington neighborhood. -- more than two dozen flags in this arlington neighborhood. >> the destruction left >> frustration turned into fighting looting, and rioting in vancouver after the canucks lost to the boston bruins in the stanley cup finals. >> the video showing here out of control fans and police trying to regain control. >> especially disturbing is the video we are going to show you -- a man trying to stop the rioting gets attacked and beaten himself. while rioters were smashing department store windows, taking everything they could get their hands on, an angry mob was attacking a man who appeared to be trying to stop the fighting. more and more people jump in kicking and punching. the unidentified man was among nearly 150 people injured during last night's right. four people were stabbed. one man is in critical condition with head injuries. >> you can see the fires going on in the background. >> it was right after the boston bruins won the violence erupted outside a vancouver tv station spreading
's in the upper 60s. near 70 in arlington. much of montgomery and fairfax counties now in the 60s. low and mid-60s along the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. much of northern west virginia, it's only in the upper 50s on this monday morning. quite a change. we'll have a warm front coming in later today bringing in more humidity. as it does. we may have a passing thunder shower by later this afternoon. maybe a lingering shower this morning. those areas mainly south and east of washington. otherwise, a cloudy morning. some sun breaking out midday and during the afternoon. could get some passing thunder showers. we'll look at the night planner. now courtney ward, good morning. >>> 95 northbound in virginia, just a little minor congestion. a bit of a slow go from the parkway past occoquan river bridge. 66 eastbound, you're looking at congestion there. it's slow from route 234234 as approach centerville. and live outside look at maryland at 495 and connecticut avenue. things looking pretty good, no congestion there. if you need to get on the road, that seems to be the roadway y
-old yonathan melaku with those shootings. melaku became a suspect after he was found hanging out at arlington national cemetery at 1:30 in the morning last friday. when approached, he told officers his vehicle was parked near the pentagon and packed with bomb-making materials. that led to the shutdown of roads around the pentagon friday morning. explosives were never recovered, but mall coup welaku was taken custody and is now being held. he is also a lance corporal in the marines. he's a reservist. one u.s. military official says he was ill-equipped for combat and never deployed. it could be one more reason that he may be linked to the shootings. fbi officials created a suspect profile, saying the gunman was most likely a marine, who possibly had a grudge against the u.s. military. >> i'm ashamed that he was a marine. that's the part that bothers me more than anything. >> reporter: this morning, visitors of the national museum of the marine corps reacted to the news, including this marine, who fought in korea. >> everything he did was premeditated. he had to think about it before he did it a
at arlington national cemetery. that is according to the "washington post." it's broad criminal inquiry. the investigation conducted by the fbi and the army's criminal investigation command has been under way now for at least six months. >>> two d.c. police officers are under investigation this morning for their alleged role in a beating outside a nightclub that left a man badly hurt. the two officers were off duty at the time of the incident back on june 10th at the lotus lounge on k street northwest. it is not clear why the officers were at the club. police have not released any names and so far no charges have been filed. >>> a silver lynning now to d.c.'s summer jobs program. city budget issues meant trimming back the jobs program and leaving 8,000 people without work. that is until this week when city leaders found the money they needed. matt ackland explains what happened. >> reporter: at an event tuesday morning called be safe this summer, mayor convincement gray talked about finding the funding to help thousands of d.c. sids -- kids still on a waiting list get summer jobs. >> wo
are having. sam ford has more. sam, tell us about this. >> last year, the arlington county rapid transit decided to auction off one of their buses and one of them ended up in the backyard on south dakota neighborhood and neighbors say that the homeowner is using it to house renters and they want the bus gone. cars in the front yard, a shuttle bus out back. member -- neighbors are livid. >> that bus is an eyesore. >> charles, who took these pictures of the property, say it is making it impossible for him to sell the house next door. others complain about activities here. >> washing cars. >> they say it is an illegal greenhouse. we asked people coming and going who owned it. finally, we met david jones who said he owned it and as for the neighbors -- >> i have actually had it up to here with the complaints that have shown at my door. >> he says he has a right to park it, that he cleared it with authorities. >> they said i could purchase a bus, a dump truck, a tow truck. their response? >> the bus can be parked there. it cannot be used as a dwelling unit. >> they have not looked into wheth
yonathan melaku was found inside arlington cemetery with a backpack containing shell casings and notebook and zip lock bags containing an explosive chemical. that final claim was unfounded. a dc police officer on administrative leave tonight after being charged with sexual assault in west virginia. he was indicted on charges he had sex with a girl under the age of 16 between 2001 and 2003. he was a sheriff's deputy at the time in ohio county, west virginia and faces up to five years in prison when. >>> dc's chief financial officer saying new revenues will add $107 million to the coffers this year and another 71 million this year. the mayor says this year's revenues will go to agencies in danger of going overbudget and much of next year's budget will help fund health care. >>> making a trip to dc. that thing you see right there, a horse-drawn covered wagon. his name is ralph casey and he was hoping to meet with the president and some members of congress. he wanted to talk about the economy and how they are trying to help small business owners like him. what advice would he give them? >> i
at arlington national cemetery, after remains of the nation's fallen have been mishandled. >> for more on the probe we turn to sherry ly live at arlington national cemetery. sherry? >> reporter: tony and steve, the justice department and the fbi is looking into possible criminal violations here at arlington national cemetery. according to sources with the washington post, the cemetery has been plagued with problems, including the discovery of mass graves. the post reports that the fbi and army criminal investigation command have been conducting the investigation. of course six months now, an alexandria grand jury has subpeonaed information about the probe and who knew about the problems and whether there was any contract or fraud. a report by the inspector general found widespread problems and mismanagement at the cemetery which was keeping bookkeeping records dating back to the civil war and u.s. presidents are buried here. graves were mishandled with cremated remains buried together, unidentified. in 211 cases the burial maps did not match the grave site. now since the problem surfac
-year-old marine corps reservist jonathan molaku was first spotted at arlington cemetary about 1:30 this morning by fort meyer police. by 5:30, authorities found his car and worried about what might be outside. roads around the pentagon were closed and the bomb squad rolled in. at 8:00 a.m. the car was deemed safe, but it wasn't until 11:00 a.m. that some roads reopened in arlington. >> we move to the home of a man taken into custody this afternoon. fbi agents are still on the scene there tonight in fairfax county. james torturell spoke with neighbors of the suspect. jane? >> authorities say the suspect did act alone, but as you reported, he is still in custody tonight. federal agents, including the fbi bomb squad, desended on a bricktown house in the alexandria section of fairfax county. >> i was shocked when i drove into the development to see all this police presence. >> reporter: this is where 22-year-old jonathan molaku lived with his parents. he was observed hiding inside arlington cemetary thursday morning. after stopping molaku for suspicious behavior, he fled. >> he was
and the district. the rain came down in buckets in arlington after 7:00 p.m. and the storms led to a number of sightings of hail. many in prince georges county. >> an apartment complex resident said for seven bizarre minutes hill rained down on his neighborhood hitting cars and he caught it on his phone. >> kind of kicking up a little bit. >> it was definitely crazy. >> he could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. >> i thought someone was banging on the wall. >> quarter sized hail was pounding the apartment complex. >> i grabbed my phone. >> he captured images of hail lashing the siding and hitting people brave enough to be outside. >> alexander brookins was amazed at mother nature's might. >> kind of weird to me because it is hot outside and hailing. i do not know. something is going on. something weird is going on. >> hot weather and ice in june. >> if the clouds are high enough during a severe thunderstorm, hale is not unusual and neither are dents. >> i am sure there are events in cars summer. some were covered more than others. we did not see any serious damage to cars or peopl
is back on arlington national cemetery following disturbing reports of veterans buried in the wrong grave. we're learning the fbi is joining the arm's the on going investigation and karen gray moistop has more. >> reporter: the fbi is being tight lipped. the investigation command said it's still taking the lead on this and the probe is taking a close look at possible contracting fraud and illegal reservations being made by people who want to be buried there. >> arlington nationalm is tarry is sacred ground. over the last year, the army's inspector general revealed troubling news about mishandled remains. the army ced acknowledging that the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office in alexandrea are involved. a producery is said to be issuing subpoenas for wit -- a jury ised to be issuing subpoenas for witnesses and records. the local companies who got lucrative contracts to update the outloaded paper records and the army saying that eight sets of remains were found in one place and may not be criminal. >> it's important to point out the investigative activity does not include the current adminis
on the grounds of arlington national cemetery. he had a backpack. he was making threatening statements. he alarmed authorities. they closed down roads. there were four hour delays all around the pentagon. they searched his home that day. today just a short while ago, federal authorities told us exactly what they found in his backpack. >> in the possession of a backpack which contained ammonium nitrate, one of the things used in the oklahoma city bombing incident. mr. melaku also was carrying a notebook with numerous arabic statements which referenced osama bin laden, al qaeda and other jihadist materials. a subsequent search of mr. melaku's apartment found a list of items needed to construct a timer and a firing mechanism, which if used in combination with fuel and a detonation device, could be used to construct an improvised explosive device. >> reporter: now, we understand in the search of his apartment in the alexandria area of fairfax county they found materials that could be used to make explosive devices. very concerning for federal authorities going back last fall those shootings in
cemetery where the -- arlington national cemetery where the fbi is conducting an investigation into possible contract fraud and falsification of records. >> -- we are vigorously pursue any wrongdoing. >> reporter: after they found widespread mismanagement and mismarked graves, the fbi is now following the money trail. where didmore than $8 million in -- where did more than $8 million go? >> this is signed as being one the most -- one of the most sacred places in the country. the wrong should be righted. >> reporter: this woman was fired after we bringing the allegations -- bringing the allegations to light. she said she can't speak on damrah now because she's been -- camera now because she's been subpoenaed. as for eight sets of remains, only three have been identified. >>> a plan to bring online gambling to d.c. will likely get pushed back until november. opponents argue that incline the slots in ann arun dahl -- unlike the slots in ann arun dahl county, this allows residents to who are 19 and older gamble. some of these will be set up in hotels and restaurants. >> mr. brown,
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